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Easy Peasy Fruit Platter

It seems like a weird thing to be nervous about but my baby is a fruit fanatic. Anything fruit, he absolutely loves, anything that isn’t fruit on the other hand, it’s hard to get into him. I was nervous because his party was coming up and obviously for my fruit obsessed boy I just needContinue reading “Easy Peasy Fruit Platter”

Lockdown babies

In March 2020 I gave birth to a beautiful boy, only 2 weeks before New Zealand was sent into a Level 4 lockdown. In an odd way it was good timing for us, my partner was unable to go to work so he was home with me helping out during those first few weeks ofContinue reading “Lockdown babies”

Pain in the butt

Okay so most people probably aren’t interested in reading about a vein the size of pluto coming out of your bum or a tear in that same region, and I get that, I would have squirmed at those words one year ago and moved on to the next topic but things have changed since then.Continue reading “Pain in the butt”

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